Review of L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes

I tend to try mascaras of every price range, mostly because I LOVE a huge voluminous look, and also because mascara is just fun.  I love to layer different brands to see what may surprisingly mesh, and what may turn into a tar-like disaster.


My go-to mascara brand since age 14 has been the impressive L’Oreal.  Their Voluminous line has always delivered the results I expect, and for added length I have used good old Lash Out with the classic “teddy bear” brush for my first layers.  I am a sucker for new products, so I of course had to try L’Oreal’s newest addition to the Voluminous line, Voluminous False Fiber Lashes.  I don’t usually like fiber mascaras, as most tend to be clumpy and flaky for me, but THIS was a dream.  Quick separation, crazy easy to build, and my lashes were not weighed down by the formula.  All in all I haven’t been this impressed by a mass market mascara in years.  This was not the typical fiber formula that I am used to, and it took half the time to build the volume I wanted.  I am SUPER stoked on this new mascara! Well done L’Oreal, you have impressed a picky artist.

(Please note this is specifically the Waterproof formula in Black.)

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  1. I agree that this is a good volumizing mascara, but it was really clumpy and dry for me! You have some really naturally beautiful lashes.

    • I have heard a lot of friends say the same things about it being dry, it’s definitely not just you! I think the fiber formulas all do that quite a bit. I definitely don’t think this mascara is for everyone. What is your favorite mascara normally? I change around so much. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wearing mascara for five years and I still don’t have a favorite! My eyelashes are so straight, even with curling, and I haven’t found one that makes a huge difference in them. But I started a beauty blog recently, so that gives me an excuse to try alot more!

  3. For us beauty dummies, what is a teddybear brush? Also, I think I’ve asked you before but do you curl before or after applying mascara. I am a die-hard curling-after fan, so I’m wondering if this is the type of mascara that dries completely (perfect for curling after) or if it stays a little moist (nightmare for curling after).

    • The “teddy bear” brush is something made up by L’Oreal. It is supposed to denote the fluffiness of the brush, resulting in bigger, fluffier lashes. This was a big deal when Lash Out launched way back when, as most companies had not done a lot of fiddling with the actual construction of the brush. This mascara dries very quickly! It holds the curl well I think, and I live by the curl after rule. Some even think it is too drying, but for me it was fine. It is NOT easy to remove though, at least this waterproof formula. I have yet to try the regular.

  4. PS, I’ve been looking for the perfect lash separator. I have a classic comb on one side, brush on the other, but I’m imagining something almost needle like (metal, not plastic). Does anything like that exist? The plastic combs just don’t do it for me and I don’t have the patience to separate with needle nose tweezers. I’ve tried and I end up getting too frustrated.

    • YES, I actually just found an amazing metal comb by Tweezerman, called the ILash Comb. It even folds up so the teeth can’t get you when you rifle through your makeup bag. This is the only one I know of. $15, and worth every penny! My sister is a big believer in those tiny orthodontic brushes kids use for cleaning their braces for lash separation. I definitelt think they work better than a typical plastic comb.

  5. Any promotion for an amazing mascara that uses big false Hollywood lashes for their ads has no credibility. If the product is so good why isn’t it reflected in real shots of the product used??
    The first one I took back to the store because I thought it had dried out. The second was just as bad.
    Brush too long to work angles with. Mascara is barely acceptable.

    • You have extremely valid points! It definitely irks me that the ads for every single mascara on the market are doctored with many false lashes and photoshop. It is probably why I buy so many mascaras, so I can ACTUALLY see what they do! 🙂 The brush is actually quite long. It worked ok for me because I have larger eyes, but those with less space to work with may find themselves covered in extra mascara.

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