Too Faced Color Bombs! Review and Swatches

Oooh we love the sight of new Fall beauty launches! We couldn’t help but be drawn to Too Faced Cosmetics and their fun new Lip Injection Color Bombs!


The colors are gorgeous and there is definitely something for everyone! Too Faced is pretty famous for innovative products. I remember purchasing their original Lip Injection lip plumper yeeaarrsss ago. That baby WORKS. You can feel the tingling right away thanks to the cayenne pepper resin, and certainly see your lips turn a deeper pink. In this revamped version, Too Faced put their Lip Injection formula into these very pretty balm-like lip colors. The color payoff is sheer but buildable. Your natural lip color will definitely play a large role in how each color looks on the lips. Swatches below on my fair skin (NC15 in MAC complexion if that helps!)


The shape is also…interesting? The product is shaped like a bullet and can be twisted up to advance the product as it is used.


The rounded tip makes application a bit more painstaking with my small lips. I find this problematic as the formula will plump everything it touches. If it gets outside your lip line, all around the mouth will look pink and inflamed! This goes for all skin, so beware if you swatch them on your skin. My arm had red streaks for quite awhile!

All in all we all really love these. The colors are great for a range of skin tones, the product feel is comfortable and hydrating, it leaves a slight stain and really does plump.  It’s a cool new item for lip product junkies, but really does not have any use in the kit of a professional makeup artist.  Could you imagine a bride wearing this cayenne pepper-laced concoction and kissing the poor unsuspecting groom?!  Not the best beginning for wedded bliss.

Our tip for the most crazy plumped up luscious lips EVAH: Use a clear wax lip pencil to protect your lip line (we like Urban Decay’s) and apply your fave Color Bomb. Top with the glorious glossy original Too Faced Lip Injection. Prepare to stun the world with lip awesomeness. Also be prepared to feel the burn of double the Lip Injection, and be aware of who you kiss! (You know, no babies, kids, nor pets.)

Anyone else canceling their collagen injections in favor of these beauties? Hahaha…

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  1. Must Have Boxes

    These colors are gorgeous!

    – KW

  2. I kind of like the shape, but I see what you mean about it being a pain to apply. Thanks for the tip about coloring inside the lines!

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